Gulden monthly recap April

April was a spectacular month for Gulden. The news of the reduction of the max Gulden supply resulted in trading volumes so high we have never seen before. In this monthly recap you will also find a lot of nice mentions of Gulden in articles, YouTube video’s and even in the newspapers. Besides that Gulden has also been listed on a Norwegian exchange so make sure you read the whole recap!

The Gulden price also rose more than +217% over the month. Read a recap of the price, trading volume and other statistics in the Medium post below. Written by: Aat de Kwaasteniet

Reduction of max Gulden supply

The Gulden Advisory Board (GAB) announced a reduction of the max Gulden supply. This change, combined with a couple of other adjustments including halving events, caused a major surge in price. Read back what bright future of Gulden lies ahead in the Medium post below. Written in both English and Dutch.

Everyone can view the new supply numbers on CMC on the link below.

Gulden was mentioned in one of the biggest Dutch Newspapers

One of the biggest Dutch newspapers “Het AD”, mentioned Gulden in a top 5 of “Five coins you should definitely know”. Read back the mention here.

Gulden was listed on FreiExchange

Gulden listed on FreiExchange, a nice surprise

The Gulden community was surprised by an unannounced listing on FreiExchange. FX is an Norwegian exchange which handles zero trading fees, which is an interesting model. The link to the NLG-BTC market can be found in the GAB tweet below.

Some people asked why Gulden was picked to be listed for free on FX. The team behind FX did clarify why they have been listing a couple projects which date back to 2014. The Gulden development team firmly believes that quality will be recognized over time. The free listing on FX could be seen as a first examples of this recognition.

Gulden was mentioned in Manners Magazine

Manners mentioned Gulden as ‘The Dutch Bitcoin’ in their magazine. Most information in the article is outdated, but the mention is an nice addition nonetheless.

A closer look on the Gulden chart at DoopieCash

After Gulden rose over 200%, a popular Dutch YouTube team took a closer look at the Gulden chart. Their reaction was very positive and if the price of Gulden will breach through 114 sat, we could potentially start to see much higher price ranges. Check out this closer on the link below, starting from 51:17 (in Dutch).

Gulden on DoopieCash YouTube channel

Gulden, De Nederlandse Bitcoin Twitter

Robby Stofbergen of the Gulden community started his own Gulden dedicated twitter account last January which focuses 100% on reaching the Dutch audience and market. Through organizing giveaways on special events like King’s Day, which is a Dutch tradition, Gulden is catching ears. He has over 1000 followers already and is celebrating with another giveaway. Give it a like or a retweet or a follow, but keep in mind that nearly everything posted is written in Dutch.

Gulden, The Dutch Bitcoin

Gulden VS Gold

On the YouTube channel of “Just Gulden”, a new video has recently been released. In this capture a quick comparison of supply and figures can be found between Gulden and gold. Make sure you let the end result sink in for a bit…

Gulden vs Gold

The Gulden development reserve and surplus is growing nicely!

Centure, the team that is working on Gulden development, has an overview where people have insight in the minimum required funds for development and what can be done with any surplus. With the Gulden price on the rise lately, a very bright future lies ahead for Gulden.

The next Gulden Advisory Board meeting could be an interesting one to follow. Recently there has been announced that GAB meetings can be followed live whenever held on Clubhouse (Dutch spoken).

Gulden NFT Roadmap

Witness Sync development is nearing it’s final stages. The development team can’t wait to start developing a unique NFT functionality, which will run on Gulden’s blockchain. Soon this development will start, you can view the phases of this development in the road map below.

Roadmap for the NFT functionality

That’s a wrap for April! We are excited to see what the month May will bring.

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