Gulden monthly recap August

Looking forward towards Q4 2021

In this article you’ll find a summary of Gulden related news over the course of August 2021.

We Want Bitvavo

The crowdfunding goal for the Bitvavo listing is nearly reached. While the percentages vary between 75 and 85%, we (the Gulden community) are within reach of the set goal. The percentages vary daily because there is 1 bitcoin (and cash/Gulden) in the pocket which has been reserved for this listing goal. Once 100% of the goal is reached (€50.000,-), Bitvavo will be reached out for with this offer. Then it is up to the staff of Bitvavo to decide if they would want to list Gulden (and get a big and supportive Dutch community for free!).

Take a look at the website on the link below, perhaps even make an donation so the goal will be reached quicker?

Gulden Promo Video

The crowdfunding for the Gulden promo video has been completed. You can find the campaign details on the website of GuldenKickStart.

Mid-September, recordings will be taken of both the Gulden bus and truck and a promo video will be professionally edited. Haven’t yet spotted the Gulden truck driving on the Dutch highways? View the TikTok video below! You surely can’t miss it.

Discounted transaction fees

With the release of a minor update, the newly implemented change applies a size discount to coinbase inputs. What this means, in short: Less fees for withdrawing Gulden witness rewards.
Read a summary regarding this update on the website of GuldenBites.

Continuing Gulden Café on Clubhouse

After a summer break we will be again hosting Gulden Café on Clubhouse every week on Tuesdays (in Dutch). You are welcome to tune in! Follow Club Gulden and the link to the first session via the link below.

Gulden monthly recap July

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  • Circulating supply crossing the 550 million
  • New Gulden Reddit
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  • Wallet updates
  • & more!

Winner of the Collectors Coin Giveaway

Gulden Collectors Coin 2021 Edition

A winner has been chosen for the past giveaway, check out the tweet!

The design of the coin is one of the earliest known designs (and name) for the Gulden project, hence it’s an collectors item and is handcrafted with a limited supply of 25 coins. It’s also pretty heavy in the hand! You didn’t win? No worries, we one more available for future giveaways, so follow Gulden on the social media channels to stay tuned.

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