Gulden monthly recap December

A new additional Gulden developer in a new year, a ‘low risk’ score for Gulden and did someone mention a Gulden price prediction of €0,25?

First off: The best wishes to all of you. May you find yourself and your friends and family in good health.

We have an exciting Gulden year ahead of us. In this monthly blogpost you can read a summary of Gulden in December.

We welcome a new additional (front-end) developer

The Twitter account of the GAB

An additional front-end developer has now started to further work on the electron Gulden wallets. Which is very good news as this will speed up development speed by quite a bit.

Gulden V2.4.8 is now released. This update is the final maintenance release ahead of the upcoming 2.5 series. Builds 2.5 and up will fully activate Witness Sync and drop the Qt UI in favor of Electron wallets design. Thus further enhancing user experience.

Witness Sync is a major improvement of the Gulden wallets and is made possible thanks to Gulden’s unique witness system. If you’d wish to read more about this, please check out the latest GAB meeting minutes at the GAB website.

Dagobert NLG

We have no idea who is behind the account, but Gulden fan Dagobert has been successfully getting a lot of new followers on Twitter. A big shout-out to the efforts of this fan. Give him or her a follow!

DagobertNLG Twitter

Gulden price potential break out in 2022?

The Gulden price has been steady between €0,01 and €0,02 for almost 2 years now with a spike to around €0,05 in May 2021. Traders could be on the lookout for a potential break out this year.

Dutch Gulden ambassador Robby Gulden explained his thoughts regarding the Gulden price in 2022 in a dedicated blogpost (in Dutch).

There was a big Gulden giveaway hosted by Dutch broker Anycoin Direct

Crypto and stock rating website InvestorsObserver gives Gulden a ‘Low risk’ rating

Low Risk/Reward Score on

Gulden has received a low risk assessment by the InvestorsObserver team. Read the full review on the link below.

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