Gulden monthly recap July

The Gulden supply cut and block reward reduction has arrived.

This is an collaboration of Gulden related news over the course of July 2021. July 2021 was a more quiet month than the month before, the month where the price of Gulden rose quite a bit.

First up:

The Circulating supply of Gulden has passed the 550 million mark!

With a new max supply of 700M (read further below), roughly 80% of all Gulden has already been mined and brought into circulation. View the current Gulden supply and circulation on the website of CMC and on!

New Gulden Reddit

The new Reddit channel r/gulden

There is now a new Gulden (sub)reddit channel for everyone to join. The new channel can be found at r/gulden. It would be greatly appreciated if people with a reddit account join the channel and try to contribute some content or have a conversation.

The first Gulden Café on Clubhouse session has been planned (for after the summer break)

For the people understanding Dutch language, the first Gulden Café after the summer-stop will again be held every Tuesday at 19:00 PM (CEST). Tune in on September the 7th!

Gulden supply cut and block reward reduction

On the 2nd of July, the planned Gulden hard-fork was triggered at block 1400001. In short, the new max supply of Gulden is now capped at 700 million (was 1680 million) and the block rewards have been reduced from 160G to 90G per mined block. And after every 4 years, this block reward will be further halved, increasing the scarcity level of any available Gulden.For more detailed info regarding the supply and block reward reduction, I would like to redirect you to the Gulden Advisory Board website.

Wallet updates

Over the course of July, we have experienced multiple wallet updates to provide improved stability for Gulden miners and for people running a Gulden node. You can check all the technical info of each update on the Github page of Gulden.

Spot the Gulden truck?

Have you spotted the Gulden truck yet? Well, when you do, make sure you take a photo and tag one of us on the social media channels!

The Gulden truck spotted on the Dutch highways, looks great!

Bitvavo announces listing of new digital assets, will Gulden be included?

Perhaps? Maybe? Gulden?

We’re not counting on it, but perhaps we are surprised this week. As you might know, the Gulden community has been organizing an crowdfunding for listing on this big Dutch exchange.

The Gulden community even launched a dedicated website for this purpose earlier. Take a look at The goal has been reached for about 70% (a little bit higher than the website shows). When the crowdfunding goal of 100% has been reached, Bitvavo will be reached out to with this offer.

Show your support to Albert and Sandra by liking their posts on TikTok

Albert and his girlfriend Sandra have been posting quite a lot of videos regarding Gulden, show them some support by watching their video’s. Make sure you give a like too!

Gulden monthly recap June

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