Gulden monthly recap June

The long awaited moment has arrived: Gulden supply cut and block reward reduction!

During June we have been looking forward to the release of patch 2.4.0 which includes the Gulden supply cut to 700M and the block reward reduction of 43%. The first Gulden Truck also arrived. So make sure you read on!

The price development over the month June 2021 for Gulden was the following: On the 1st of June the price noted €0,0302 and on the 30th of June it noted €0,0200.
Read the Medium post ”Gulden in figures for June 2021" if you are interested in some more in-depth info about the price, trading volume and other statistics.

First up: Something big, on wheels…

The Gulden Truck has arrived!

The first truck is now to be spotted on the Dutch highways!

After the first Gulden Van/Bus, this first Gulden Truck is definitely some great dedication and marketing done by volunteers of the Gulden community.

The Truck will be on the road more than 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, supplying supermarkets of Albert Heijn for the next upcoming years.

Spotted the Gulden Truck? Make sure you make a video or picture and tag Gulden on any of the available social media platforms! You can find a video of the wrapped trailer in the link below.

The first Truck

BitcoinMeester x Gulden UEFA Championship

UEFA European Championship competition

BitcoinMeester held an competition where people could make an estimation on the best players in the UEFA Championship on their socials. Best of luck to the persons winning those nice prices of 2x 5000 NLG!

Gulden review by Corné Marchand

Corné Marchand shared his thoughts and expectations about the future (price) of Gulden in a YouTube video he shared yesterday. The outlook Corné gave about Gulden was pretty positive. You can view the video back below.

Gulden’s first halving (or as close as it gets)!

A first -43% block reward reduction and -50% every 4 years after (Halving)

At block 1400001 the Gulden reward changes will kick in (patch 2.4.0), meaning there will be a direct 43% reduction of the block rewards. And every 4 years, there will be a ‘halving event’ (in 2025). This basically means the currently available Gulden will become more scarce. There won’t be much mine-able Gulden left in the upcoming 50 years or so. With the supply reduction of nearly 1 billion Gulden, things might get interesting in the upcoming years as scarcity will play a much bigger role than it has played in the past. The new max supply of Gulden is now 700 million Gulden, which is a lot less than the original 1680 million. For your imagination, there are currently around 550 million Gulden already in circulation. Interesting times are ahead of us if you ask me. Read more about the 700M supply cut on the Gulden Advisory Board website.

Florin Blog

Last month I wrote an dedicated article about Florin, explaining some basics of the Gulden fork project (was named Novo earlier). I also shared my thoughts about the project and some future expectations of mine. You can read the blog back here (written in Dutch).

Name/brand change last May

Gulden review in the Benelux Crypto Community

The BCC shared their review of Gulden in the form of a PDF file. You can view their findings and review about Gulden in the document below(written in Dutch).

BCC’s review of Gulden (in Dutch)

Gulden monthly recap May

If you missed the past recap of May, now is your chance to read it back.

A lot of interesting stuff happened and news was announced in May: Media mentions, supply cut, reduction of block rewards, Bitvavo exchange, development update (Witness Sync), Gulden Coin review on BCC and more.

Gulden Café Clubhouse Summer Stop

Every Tuesday evening we held (for the Dutchies) Gulden Café on Clubhouse. We’ll be having a summer stop during July and August. The first Gulden Café will start off again on the 7th of September. The 6th of July will be the last Gulden Café held till then.
This doesn’t mean there are no Clubhouse sessions in July or August. Whenever there is a live GAB session on Clubhouse it will be announced. And perhaps there will happen some nice things in the next few months which we would like to discuss on Clubhouse. You can keep an eye out on my Twitter page as I post information there regularly.

Gulden in article on Kamer van Koophandel

Thomas van Oosterom (Gulden community member) was interviewed by the Kamer van Koophandel about accepting cryptocurrency payments in his webshop. You can read the article here.

Gulden again mentioned on DoopieCash

Gulden was again mentioned on the Dutch trending trading channel DoopieCash. You can view the video on the link below.

Gulden on DoopieCash

Meet your Gulden ambassador of Germany

Nice Gulden poloshirt!

Albert Eberhardt has been a true Gulden fan for many years and has been supporting the project with YouTube and TikTok video’s, posts on Twitter and Instagram and through his own Gulden dedicated website. Together with his partner Sandra, they are a team the Gulden community can be very proud of!

Albert and Sandra will be spreading Gulden related information to the German-speaking audience through TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and through their website Make sure you follow Albert and Sandra on their Gulden adventure!

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