Gulden monthly recap May

In May we have witnessed once again enormous price increases. We even saw an increase of the price by+250% in just two days time. Read the Medium post ”Gulden in figures for May 2021" if you are interested in some more in-depth info about the price, trade volume and more statistics.

In this blog you’ll find a summary of Gulden news and developments over May 2021.

First up, Gulden in the media!

Gulden made the headlines in the ‘Dutch Financial Times’

Friday the 21st of May, Gulden ambassador Robby Stofbergen received a call from a financial researcher from ‘Het Financieele Dagblad’ for a short interview. The next day Gulden made the headlines as the interview was shared in an big article about cryptocurrency. You can read the article through the newspapers Twitter on the link above.

Gulden on Dutch Television

Dutch TV-program “Stand Van Nederland” has interviewed Gulden ambassador Robby Stofbergen about his mission and the Gulden bus. This interview was supposed to be cast live on national television on the 3rd of June, but got cancelled last minute due to an item which was of more importance for the program. Perhaps the recordings will be used for own promotional purposes or be included in the program in a different episode.

Reduction of block rewards

After a long discussion in the community, extensive research by the Gulden Advisory Board and then another technical research by the Gulden developers, the decision has been made.
Gulden will become a lot scarcer!

The Gulden block reward is decreasing by 43%!
Currently, 160 Gulden are released every 150 seconds. As of July, that will be only 90 Gulden. In addition, there will be a halving every 4 years. With a halving, the rewards will be halved.

Additional supply cut to 700M

In an earlier post “Big news: Reduction of max supply”, the max supply reduction was announced from 1680M to 750M Gulden.

After extensive research led by lead developer Malcolm MacLeod, the decision has now been made to reduce the total supply of Gulden even further to 700 million NLG alongside with the reward changes that will happen on or around the 1st of July. Read the announcement on the website of the Gulden Advisory Board.

Bitvavo Exchange

The Gulden community is doing efforts to make this happen. You can take a look on the website which has been launched for this campaign. If you wish to support this goal you can donate some Gulden, Euro (€) or bitcoin. /

Witness Sync Development

Witness Sync is nearing it’s final stages in development. Read what it’s all about on the Gulden Advisory Board website and see what the dev team is working on.

A new Gulden website has been launched, using Gulden’s low energy consumption as a marketing instrument.

Honest comparison Gulden — Bitcoin

Lead Gulden developer Malcolm Macleod wrote an article about Gulden energy consumption.

Just Gulden YouTube channel

Watch all the latest video uploads from Gulden community member Jason. This time about how energy efficient Gulden is compared to Bitcoin.

Recap April

Read back what happened in April in the Gulden recap of last month.

Novo becomes Florin

A new name for the Gulden fork project Novo has risen. The new name will be Florin and the currency code now goes forth as XFL. Both Florin and Gulden strengthen each other in many positive ways. They both have the same supportive community and can and will benefit from each others development progress, which is something not many people yet realize. A new website is launched so take a look around!

Wrapped Gulden Trailer

Nino Nijs has offered to let his trailer be fully wrapped for promotional purposes. The crowdfund for this campaign has already been completed. So the first Gulden Bus, the first “Gulden Truck”, will be driving on the highways pretty soon!

Gulden won an Coin Review and AMA in the Benelux Crypto Community.

Winning an poll which lasted a couple days, Gulden won an AMA (ask-me-anything) and a review of the Gulden project in the large Benelux Crypto Community.

The 7 pages long “Coin Review” has been shared already and for the ones interested, the AMA will be hosted on the 3rd of June at 20:30 (Dutch) in their Telegram channel.

Right after this AMA, people can view the Gulden interview on TV at 22:10 on NPO2 (Nederland 2).

Gulden is mentioned on, the biggest Dutch e-commerce platform

In an article about e-commerce and blockchain, both Bitcoin and Gulden were mentioned regarding the question if this the future of payments (and the question whether the tech/world is ready for it). As over 600.000 e-commerce trusted companies are connected to the Dutch thuiswinkel platform, this is definitely a nice mention of Gulden.

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