Gulden monthly recap October

Witness Sync development is almost complete. What’s next?

Welcome to the Gulden monthly recap, a place where you will be provided with the latest news and information regarding Gulden $NLG.


Witness sync development

Witness sync development is nearing it’s final stage. There are only a few things to figure out and it’s time to think about what is the next thing to be developed and/or focused on.

Gulden is a community project, therefore there will be something new in store this week which will aid in reaching consensus regarding the different options available. People will be able to vote and also describe what they view as the best next step for the future of the Gulden project. More info regarding this will be shared after the next upcoming GAB meeting.

The next upcoming GAB meeting

This Thursday on November the 4th, another Gulden Advisory Board (GAB) meeting will be held. This will be the first held GAB meeting in the new setting where we welcome the (6) new advisory board members.

If you have any questions or points of discussion for the GAB team to have a look at, kindly share that in the #gab channel in the Gulden Slack.

To join the Gulden Slack. Please visit and sign up for Slack with your email at — A new Gulden clothing webshop!

Arno has been working on a new website for Gulden brand clothing and accessories. is the result of his efforts. Take a look at his webshop, perhaps you see something you like? Follow Guldenshirt at Twitter.

Play Satoshi Pingpong!

There are multiple ways to earn more Gulden and/or more Bitcoin. Locking an amount Gulden up in a witness account is one option to be rewarded. Playing “Satoshi Pingpong” is also a viable option in earning some more crypto. It basically comes down to trading Gulden directly on the Bittrex market. There is a tutorial described (in Dutch) on on how to play this “game”.

And another Gulden webshop

Gulden ambassador of Germany, Albert Eberhardt, has also been working on his own Gulden related webshop and now has one of it’s first items in store. Check it out on his website or Twitter!

Bitvavo (not quite yet)

The Gulden community has received response from team Bitvavo, the largest Dutch cryptocurrency exchange. The Bitvavo team explained that they truly appreciate the delivered efforts from the Gulden community, but that a listing on the exchange is currently not an option. It’s possible that the low trading volume of Gulden has played a key factor in this decision. So it’s time for the Gulden community to step up their game.

The Bitvavo team did mention to keep an eye out on Gulden though, so perhaps it’s a matter of time before Gulden is more generally recognized and accepted as a fully decentralized blockchain. We all know by now that this starts with the trading price of Gulden.

The GAB team will discuss in the next GAB meeting what to do with the 1 Bitcoin that is in control of the Gulden community, which was raised for Bitvavo. The proposal of (future) buybacks of Gulden from the markets is for example on the table.

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