Gulden monthly recap September

The Gulden Promo video is here.

Gulden Promo 2021

Watch the new Gulden Promo video below (also with English subtitles)! Promo 2021

Recorded on September 11 and it was already published on the 22nd! In this video you’ll see some people of the Gulden community explaining why they chose Gulden as their favorite crypto project.

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Gulden Advisory Board Minutes

Another GAB meeting was held on the 22nd of September and the minutes have been published on the website of the GAB. Click here for the direct link. Points of discussion: The GAB, the Gulden exchange rate, development & Bitvavo.

MyCryptoGulden Video’s

Germany’s ambassador Albert Eberhardt has been working on some very nice tutorial and music video’s about Gulden to spread the word. Watch his video’s below or visit his YouTube or TikTok channel.

Gulden NLG Explained 2021
Gulden NLG Deutschrap — Musik ( Eine Kryptowärhung )
More than just Money — Musik Video Bitcoin, Paper Money and Gulden

Gulden Monthly Recap August

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